Zoup Bone Broth Chicken 6/32 OZ [UNFI #80348]



Gluten free. No preservatives. GMO free. Good, really good. Good Enough to Drink! Choose Flavor, Choose Good, Really Good: After creating hundreds of soup recipes for our restaurants, we know from experience that soups and other dishes are only as good as the broths you use. That's why we handcraft our broths from the highest-quality, most flavorful ingredients. The result? A collection of broths with flavors so fresh-tasting and clean, you'll even enjoy drinking them. So, whether you use our broths in your favorite recipes or drink them as a satisfying hot beverage, we're sure you'll agree that our broths are good, really good! Inspired by Zoup! Fresh Soup Co. zoupbroth.com. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Please recycle.