Xlear Sinus Rinse Kit 1 CT [UNFI #86979]



Drug free. 3x the power with xylitol. Alleviates the primary cause of congestion. For allergy, cold and flu symptoms. 6 Sinus rinse packets (with xylitol). 1 Sinus rinse bottle (holds 10 fl oz). Longer lasting without the burn. Alleviates Congestion Due to: colds, flu; sinus infection; allergies; sinus pressure; nasal dryness; nasal irritation. The power of Xylitol: Saline solutions can cause irritation, burning and dryness, but adding xylitol helps soothe, moisturize, and cleanse nasal passages and sinuses. The Xlear solution with xylitol more effectively thins the mucus to get rid of contaminants faster. Xylitol reduces bacterial adhesion and has longer lasting health benefits when compared to saline alone. Recommended by Physicians, Allergists, ENT's, and other Healthcare professionals worldwide. Ergonomic sinus rinse bottle with soft rubberized nozzle. Patented cleansing formula. Doctor recommended. Xlear Sinus Care: 2 grams of salt and sodium bicarbonate, with the added benefits of 4 grams of Xylitol. Other brands: 2 grams of salt and sodium bicarbonate, no Xylitol. A more effective solution. More soothing, no burn. More effective than other brands. Alleviates the primary cause of congestion, saline alone doesn't - More effective. America's No.1 Best Selling: We make America's best selling natural Xylitol Nasal Spray. Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the results, return for a full refund. xlear.com. Share your story at (hashtag)imXlear. Customer Service: 1 877 599 5327. xlear.com. Also try our convenient Xlear Nasal Sprays for adults, kids, and infants. BPA-free. Manufactured in China and USA. Inspected in USA.