Well Crckrs Crkd Ppr 12/4.4 [UNFI #84792]



The gold standard. No trans fat! Spice up any occasion with these tasty Wellington Cracked Pepper Water cracker delights. Start with a combination of radish, cucumber and red onion slices. Top with smoked salmon, sour cream and a sprig of dill. Or why not try a tangy mix of ham, smoked turkey, apples and cheddar cheese, all topped with a dollop of chutney! Bon Appetit! Wellington Water Crackers are created by Master Bakers with a tradition of excellence dating back to the 1800s. This time-honored recipe is produced from a special blend of Great Northern Royal Winter Wheat and baked to meet our Golden Standard. Imported from Canada, these crackers are the ultimate complement to your hors d' oeuvres, fine cheeses, pates and spreads. www.worldfiner.com. Product of Canada.