Weiman Leather Wipes 4/30 CT [UNFI #83825]



30 - 7 inch x 8 inch wipes (17.8 cm x 20.3 cm). Trusted no. 1 brand. 3-in-1: Cleans, conditions & protects. Weiman leather conditioning wipes are specially formulated to clean, moisturize and protect leather. Natural cleaners and oils condition leather, restoring its suppleness and sheen. Moisturizers instantly revitalize & restore leather, helping prevent dry-out. Safely removes dirt & grime without leaving a sticky residue behind. Will not harm or darken finished leather. UVX-15 sunscreen prevents fading, drying and cracking from sun exposure. Furniture. Car interiors. Shoes. Briefcases & purses. Coats. Contains: Three natural oils (no nut oils). Phosphate free. Trusted no. 1 based on syndicated retail sales of household leather cleaners. Non-Toxic: Not known to cause acute or chronic health problems. Good Housekeeping: Since 1909. Quality tested. Limited warranty. ghseal.com for details. Weiman.com. For more information, please visit Weiman.com or call 800-837-8140. Weiman proudly supports the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Learn more at Ovarian.org. More great products. Made in the USA.