Weiman Cook Top Qk Wipes 4/30 EA [UNFI #89222]



7 inch x 8 inch wipes (17.8 cm x 20.3 cm). Trusted No 1 brand. New dual action. Scrubby, Smooth. Streak-free shine removes splattered food & oily residue. Weiman cook top & microwave dual action Wipes are specially formulated to remove food and oily residue from the inside of microwaves and all stove top surfaces including glass/ceramic smooth top ranges without scratching. New Dual Action: Scrubby-Side: Helps lift splatters and spills with ease. Smooth-Side: Polishes to a streak-free shine. Trusted No. 1 brand based on syndicated retail sales of household leather cleaners. Phosphate free. Non-Toxic: Not known to cause acute or chronic health problems. Good Housekeeping: Since 1909. Quality tested. Limited warranty. ghseal.com for details. Ovarian.org. Weiman.com. how2recycle.info. For more information, please visit Weiman.com or call 800-837-8140. Weiman proudly supports the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Learn more at Ovarian.org. More great products. Weiman Specialty Surface Care: Stainless steel; Granite & stone; Cook top; Leather; Wood furniture; Hardwood floor; Stone floor; Metals/jewelry. Made in the USA.