Uptons Jackfrt Bar-B-Que 10/10.6OZ [UNFI #32985]

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Young jackfruit pieces in a tangy bar-b-que sauce. Vegan. USDA Organic. 100% vegan. Certified Organic by Control Union Certifications. CU 870673. Tasty. New recipe. Vegan For A Reason: At Upton's Naturals, veganism is a way of life, and every meal is an opportunity to show compassion for animals. Thank you for supporting our mission to make delicious vegan foods that anyone can enjoy. What Is Jackfruit? Native to Asia, the Jackfruit is recognizable for its spiky exterior, and notable for its many stages of maturity, each of which yields a different texture. In this package you'll find our young Jackfruit, which is best enjoyed in savory applications. uptonsnaturals.com. Follow us (at)uptonsnaturals. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Go to uptonsnaturals.com for dozens of recipe ideas. When in Chicago visit our restaurant. 2054 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60612. Try all our great vegan products. Seitan, Macs, Soups, Updogs & more!!! This package is compostable and made with 100% recycled materials. Product of Srilanka.