Twinings Darjelling 6/20 BAG [UNFI #26977]



Exquisitely blended from the remote Himalayan tea gardens. Non-GMO Project verified. By appointment to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Tea and Coffee Merchants R. Twining and Company Limited, London. Est. 1706 London. Strength 2 leafs. Over 300 years of expertise. Experience the magic of one of the world's most celebrated teas, known as the Champagne of black tea. Plucked from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains at the earliest part of the growing season (the 1st and 2nd Flushes) to yield a sophisticated tea with a big flavour that belies its light colour. Stephen Twining, Master Blender & 10th Generation, Twining family. What does it taste like? A treasured black tea with a refined & elegant taste and a translucent golden colour. Drink hot or iced. At Twinings, we believe in living well and enjoying life. Since our humble beginnings in 1706, our drinks have delighted consumers for generations. Today, our master blenders and herbalists seek out the finest teas, herbs, and botanicals from around the world to brilliantly blend delicious wellbeing drinks that taste great and do you good. One sip at a time, we celebrate the small steps we can all take to feel even more optimistic about a life well-lived. Drink in life. Want to talk tea? Call us at 1-800-803-6695, go to, or visit our original English storefront in The Strand, London. Care in every drop. Every cup starts with nature's finest tea leaves and the people growing, tending, and harvesting them. Our Sourced with Care program works with tea-growing communities to support incomes, improve living standards, and empower women through healthcare and equal access to opportunities. We also collaborate with others in the tea sector, through supporting the Ethical Tea Partnership's work to create a fairer, more sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers and their families, as well as the environment. Sourced with care: Twinings of London. We are a member of Ethical Tea Partnership. Want to find out more? Go to Sourced Discover other varieties you may enjoy! English breakfast. Black tea. Smooth & classic. Camomile, honey & vanilla herbal tea end-of-day relaxation. To explore all 50+ varieties, go to Compostable tea bags. Recyclable carton.