Tonys Chocolonely 51% Drk Choc Alm Ss 15/6.35 OZ [UNFI #59219]



Hey party animal - this one is vegan! Crazy about chocolate, serious about people. Hi there, we're Tony's Chocolonely. We exist to end modern slavery and illegal child labor in the chocolate industry. Our vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. The more people join us and share our story, the sooner 100% slave-free chocolate becomes the norm. The choice is yours. Are you in? Cocoa Solids: 51% minimum. Psst. Check the inside of this wrapper. Join our movement and like or follow us: Facebook: TonysChocolonelyUS. Instagram: tonyschocolonely_us. Twitter: TonysChocoUS. mailus(at) Fairtrade cocoa and sugar. Sugar with mass balance. Total 89%
Made in Belgium.