T&T Chkn Brn Rce Dry Cat 6/3 LB [UNFI #38385]



No corn, no wheat, no soy. A balanced formula for all life stages. Certifiably better. Raised without antibiotics. Farm to bowl. Pioneers in pet food. We're what's next. October 2014, Tender & True pioneered the first ever certified USDA organic, humanely raised, antibiotic-free pet food. Today we're continuing to blaze a trail of firsts, setting new standards in the industry for quality, excellence and care. All this, and still independently owned. Humanely raised. Animal Welfare Certified 2014. Tender & True - the first Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified humanely raised pet food, and still the only full line of GAP certified pet food available. Certified Organic. USDA Organic 2014: We pioneered the first and only pet food meeting USDA standards to be truly organic from farm to bowl. Raised without antibiotics. 2014. Our full line of dog and cat food is the first and only full line of pet food raised without antibiotics. Sustainable seafood. Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC. 2015. We partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to always provide certified, sustainable fish. Farm to bowl. 2018. We developed the first treat raised without antibiotics certified at the highest GAP level. Non GMO Project verified. 2019. Non-GMO Project verification was obtained for our tasty jerky treats. Grain free. Certifiably better. Present. At Tender & True, we're always looking to the future. A future of sustainability, responsibility and unparalleled quality. We're what's next. Our Truth: A furry friend is one of the greatest joys in life, and we all want to be confident in giving them the absolute best life possible. We set out to make Tender & True better from the beginning, with no compromises and with the certifications to prove it. We believe in sourcing and supplying our own ingredients, so we know a thing or two about what goes into feeding your pets. Our long relationships with farmers, growers and fisheries means we've always pushed the possibilities of better ingredients. We continue to blaze a trail of firsts, setting new standards in the industry for quality, excellence and care. It's easy to feed your pets a better diet. Better for them. Better for the environment. Better for you. It's Tender & True. Certifiably Better. www.tenderandtruepet.com. Connect with us: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. (hashtag)tenderandtruepet. To learn more visit: www.tenderandtruepet.com. Resealable, keeps products fresh! MSC: Certified sustainable seafood. msc.org. Marine Stewardship Council. Animal Welface Certified. CertifiedGAP.org. Certified to the Step 2 standards of Global Animal Partnership's multi-tiered program by Earth Claims. We believe that quality starts from the very beginning. That's why we partner with Global Animal Partnership (GAP) a third-party nonprofit organization, to guarantee that the chicken contained in each and every Tender & True Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe has been certified humanely raised. GAP is a group of farmers, scientists, retailers, manufacturers, and animal advocates all collaborating with a common purpose: improving farm animal welfare. GAP has created a comprehensive 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program to promote continuous improvement in animal agriculture, encourage welfare-friendly farming practices, and inform consumers about the animal farming systems they choose to support. The farms we choose to partner with are continually audited by a third-party to verify the treatment of all animals meets the standards of the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program. Together, we are improving the lives of farm animals step by step. Thank you for choosing poultry that has met GAP's standards for the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program. To learn more about Global Animal Partnership's 5-Step Animal Welfare Standards, visit: www.globalanimalpartnership.org. Humanely raised. Independently owned and prepared in the USA. Prepared in the USA.