T&T Af Chkn Br Rce Dr Dg 6/4 LB [UNFI #32367]



No corn. No wheat. No soy. For dogs & puppies. Certifiably better. Raised without antibiotics. Includes healthy grains. Farm to bowl. Responsibly sourced. Humanely raised. Why GAP? Did you know that our premium Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for dogs has been certified humanely raised by Global Animal Partnership (GAP)? That means that we have chosen to only source chickens that have been raised humanely without the use of antibiotics or added hormones! This certification means that the chickens have minimum space requirements to eliminate overcrowding, at least two forms of enrichment in their environment, natural light and a minimum of 6 hours of darkness for proper rest, and a maximum transit time to eliminate stress! This recipe includes a healthy grain, brown rice, for those pet owners and pets that prefer grain inclusive recipes! Providing healthy grains helps to support digestive health by providing beneficial fiber. As always, this recipe contains no fillers, such as corn, wheat or soy! We work hard to pioneer pet food and pave the way for better ingredients and better food, for a better quality of life. Tender & True sourced ingredients. No. 1 ingredient is always GAP certified chicken. No fillers. Grain inclusive. Our Truth: A furry friend is one of the greatest joys in life, and we all want to be confident in giving them the absolute best life possible. We set out to make tender & true better from the beginning, with no compromises and with the certifications to prove it. We believe in sourcing and supplying our own ingredients, so we know a thing or two about what goes into feeding your pets. Our long relationships with farmers, growers and fisheries means we've always pushed the possibilities of better ingredients. We continue to blaze a trail of firsts, setting new standards in the industry for quality, excellence and care. It's easy to feed your pets a better diet. Better for them. Better for the environment. Better for you. It's Tender & True. Certifiably Better. Animal Welfare Certified. CerifiedGAP.org (Chicken used in this product is certified to Step 2 standards of Global Animal Partnership's multi-tiered program by Earth Claims, LLC). We believe that quality starts from the very beginning. That's why we partner with Global Animal Partnership (GAP), one of the most respected animal welfare standards and labeling organizations in North America. GAP's team of animal welfare scientists set the standards for how farm animals are raised, and third-party certifiers audit every farm to ensure these standards are being met. That's why you can feel good about giving your pet Tender & True Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, because you know that the chicken used in this product is humanely raised to GAP's standards, including more space to move around, access to natural light, and absolutely no antibiotics or added growth hormones. GAP is a non-profit organization that exists to positively impact the lives of farm animals raised for food. By purchasing Tender & True pet food, you are not only providing wholesome nutrition for your pet, you are voting with your dollars for better animal welfare practices that have a positive impact on the entire food chain. Together, we can change the way our food (and theirs) is raised. To learn more about Global Animal Partnership's mission and program, visit: www.globalanimalpartnership.org. www.tenderandtruepet.com. Connect with Us: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. (hashtag)tenderandtruepet. To learn more visit www.tenderandtruepet.com. Resealable, keeps products fresh! Independently owned & prepared in the USA. Prepared in the USA.