Spry Oral Rinse Sprmnt 16 OZ [UNFI #87050]



With earth friendly bamboo soft bristle toothbrush. New. All-natural. Made with xylitol. All natural formula. With all-natural xylitol, calcium, aloe vera, chamomile & echinacea. Improving Oral Health: Spry Oral Rinse is a great tasting rinse designed to help keep the mouth and teeth refreshingly clean. In combination with proper brushing and flossing, it helps eliminate the build-up of bacterial biofilm - that slimy film that collects on healthy teeth. Spry doesn't use any artificial sweeteners, fructose or sucrose, and is sweetened only with all-natural Xylitol that has clinically proven oral health benefits. Spry Oral Rinse contains aloe vera, chamomile and echinacea for their soothing properties, and calcium glycerophosphate, which aids in the development of stronger teeth. In addition, Spry contains just the right amount of germ killing alcohol that doesn't produce an over-powering burning sensation found in some mouthwashes. Complete Product Line: Learn about Xlear's other Spry Dental Defense System products at wwww.xlear.com. www.xlear.com. Made in USA.