Smith Masala Chai 6/15 BAG [UNFI #33576]



Authentic Indian chai from rich, full leaf Assam teas and aromatic spices. Blend: No. 33. This small batch of Masala Chai was personally crafted for you by Steve Smith, teamaker. Something of a national drink among the towns and villages of India, traditional chai is a feast of robust black teas blended with exotic spices and served up with sweet foamy milk. Making great chai is a global art, and we're proud that ours has become the favorite of many Walla Walla wallahs. To learn exactly when and where this tea was harvested, blended an packed - along with our personal thoughts on its character - please visit and enter the batch number on the package bottom. It's a bit of inside knowledge that we're always happy to share. Cheers. - Steve. To chat, offer advice, or satisfy your thirst for more, just bang the gong a Smith Teaworks, 1626 NW Thurman Street in exotic Portland, Oregon. Ring us at 800-624-9531 or stop by The most uncommon name in tea. Since 1949. A rich and masterful chai of second flush Indian Assam black teas enlivened by sweet and aromatic spices. Best when served with milk and sugar while listening to Sitar music. Congratulations. You finally got to the bottom of Smith. Please recycle. Thank you.