Smart Sweets Gummy Peach Rings 12/1.8 OZ [UNFI #28493]

$42.17 $33.48


Naturally flavored. 3 g of sugar per 50 g bag. How many net carbs? 42 g total carbohydrate - 13 g fiber; 11 g allulose = 18 g net carbs per bag. Gluten free. Rich in fiber. Kick sugar. Keep candy. No sugar alcohols added. Smartly sweetened without sugar alcohols. Plant-based goodness. No artificial sweeteners added. Colored with fruit and vegetable juices. Allulose is a new innovative low-GI sweetner that tastes like sugar but doesn't act like sugar in the body. Facebook. Instagram. Share the Kick Sugar Candy Love (at)smartsweets. Female founded.