Sm Rtd Xprso Choc Mlk Lf 12/11 OZ [UNFI #25839]



Naturally flavored coffee beverage. 175 mg caffeine: 2 cups of coffee. 20 g protein. 120 calories. 0 g added sugars (Not a low calorie food. See side panel for nutritional information). 3 g net carbs. 16 g carbs - 12 g allulose - 1 g fiber = 3 g net carbs. Lactose free energy. Gluten free. Nut free. Soy free. Keto friendly. Our drinks are ultra-excited to jump right out of their cans and help you crush your day. So make sure to give them a little shake and crack with care. Then, shamelessly chug away. No rBSTs (FDA states no significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and not treated with rBST growth hormones). Carrageenan free. Certified Plastic Neutral Product. (at)slatemilk. Certified plastic neutral product.