Shameless Pets Blueberried Trsre Dg Trea 6/6 OZ [UNFI #68085] T



Blueberries treasure with real blueberries and mint. Free from grain, corn & soy. Immune support with antioxidants. Upcycled blueberries. Quality ingredients: Antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. Made with real blueberries. Mint for fresh breath. We're leading the upcycling movement with over 1 million pounds of food saved. In fact, we're on track to save 5 million pounds of food by 2025. Upcycling makes everything better: we rescue blueberries that at first glance look off, but still pack a punch of antioxidants. We have fun pressing the blueberries and then add the right amount of mint to keep those tongue kisses smelling good! Over 40% upcycled ingredients your pup is now a superhero in helping alleviate big sustainability problems! In fact, over 40% of this formula is made with upcycled ingredients! Certified up cycled. Join us on our mission. Learn more: 847-943-9071. 25% of this bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs. Baked in the USA.