Seventh Gen 4x Liq Laundry Geranm Vanl 6/50 OZ [UNFI #50849] T



For standard and HE machines. 66 loads. Small bottle. Big clean. Deep clean. Gentle on skin. Non-toxic formula. USDA certified biobased product: product 96%. Caring today for seven generations of tomorrow. Our promise to you. It works. 4x concentrated triple-enzyme formula works great even in cold water. Removes stubborn stains, dirt & grease. It's natural. USDA certified biobased product (96%). We care. Clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. Made without dyes, synthetic fragrances or optical brighteners. No phosphates. Learn more at Not tested on animals. No animal ingredients. Gluten free. Recycle/compost with paper. Recycle with plastic bag. Unique, compostable or recyclable outer shell made of repurposed fiber. This package uses 66% less plastic (than a typical 100 oz 2x laundry bottle). Made in USA.