Saffron Ccnut Chkn Curry 8/10 OZ [UNFI #79393]



Roasted chicken & coconut curry sauce with basmati rice. Gluten free. Certified Halal by IFANCA. Certified gluten free. World cuisine. Chickens raised with no antibiotics ever. Journey to better. Adventure with us through tropical coocnut palms on a journey to culinary excellence. Did you know that - Sometime during Medieval India, the Mughals first created their own version of curry. They set a pot over a very low fire, then carefully braised the meat and vegetables, taking their time to meld the flavors from a variety of warming spices and coconut milk. Our traditionally mildly spiced Muglai curry of Korma adds some yogurt to make it even richer and is served with our premium imported and aromatic Basmati rice. Truly, it's a regal dish fit for royals. Passport to India. At Saffron Road, we are on a mission to inspire people and to connect cultures through a shared love of and passion for World Cuisines. Each of our products is rooted in tradition-we only use fresh, wholesome ingredients and time-honored recipes and traditional cooking methods-delivering delicious dishes and snacks from around the world directly to your plate. Saffron Road. Journey to better. Chicken raised with care (Our Family Farmed Chickens are mindfully handled with proper shelter and resting areas promoting healthy behavior and never ever given antibiotics). Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. (hashtag)SaffronRoad. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. (at)SaffronRoadFood. Please reference information on left flap when contacting us. Certified B Corporation. (B Corps are businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Certified B Corporation by Recycle cardboard and inner tray. Product of U.S.A.