OG2 Rmk Lions Root Kombc 12/12 OZ [UNFI #39764]

$37.70 $36.00


Pineapple. Turmeric. Lion's Mane. USDA Organic: Certified Organic by CCOF. Gluten free. USDA Organic. Caffeine-free. Contains live probiotics. plant based, Contains less than 0.5% ABV. Non GMO. It took 2000 years to make kombucha taste this good. We are rowdy, hear us roar! Then open wide and sip yourself into a state of pure, tropical enlightenment. Lion's mane mushroom fiercens your focus with memory and cognitive support. Turmeric takes root with primal anti-inflammatory properties. And succulent pineapple sweetens the deal to make our Roaring Pineapple the most ferociously fruity way to tame a wild mind. rowdymermaid.com. Take me to somewhere wild. Return me somewhere responsible.