Repurpose Compostable Food Scrap Bags 20/25 CT [UNFI #01707] T



11 l. 6.5 in x 5.875 in (16.5 cm x 14.9 cm). Jobs well done. Plants over plastic. These bags aren't trash. A compostable bag that isn't trash. Lighten the landfill and reduce your carbon footprint without risking a breakthrough come trash day. These bags are made from plants and compostable plastic, which means they last on this earth for months not millennia (Compostable where commercial composting facilities are available. Visit They're extra strong and the better choice to stand up to whatever the week holds. Backyard compostable. Tear & leak resistant. Star seal bottom. Compostable in industrial facilities: Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. Not suitable for backyard composting. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (at)repurpose. Made in China.