OG2 Pines Wheat Grs 500M 100 TAB [UNFI #40351]



A deep green leafy vegetable. The Wheat Grass People. Since 1976. The original green superfood. Raw. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. USDA organic. About 14 servings. Sealed with special cap to protect nutrients. Oxygen removed. Est. 1976. Wheatgrass Research - Charles Schnabel and other scientists began studying wheatgrass in 1932. They determined the best climate, location, soils and stage of growth for highest nutritional density. They developed equipment to dry the wheatgrass at low temperatures. Pines follows these growing, harvesting, drying and packaging standards established by Dr. Schnabel. Discover total health by consuming more dark green vegetables and essential whole food fiber with Pines Wheat Grass. Tablets contain 98% wheatgrass. The vegetable nutrition you need - in an instant! Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it green! www.wheatgrass.com. Certified organic by QAI.