Orchai Dry Mx Orig Cnstr 6/10 OZ [UNFI #29925]



No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Contains 112 mg caffeine per serving (Typical value; caffeine levels can vary by season and by crop). A new look for your favorite chai. Rich & authentic Himalayan chai taste. Powdered mix. Just add water. Authentically from atop the Himalayas. We blend flavorful black tea. Vanilla and a touch of honey with clove. Cardamom and cinnamon for a delicious cup of Oregon chai. Me-time is only a sip away. When Mother Nature is happy we’re happy. Indulge and recharge. www.oregonchai.com. Let’s talk chai. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. metime(at)oregonchai.com. Learn more at www.oregonchai.com/our-story. Please recycle. Product of USA.