OG2 Orchai Caf Fr Org Cn 6/32 OZ [UNFI #27432]



Just add milk. Makes 1/2 gallon. USDA organic. Our founder headed for the Himalayas in search of inspiration. And ta-da! She found chai - and was the very first to bring it back to the United States. Here at Oregon Chai, we believe in using organic and T00% natural ingredients whenever humanly possible. Relax and enjoy the good karma in every delicious sip. Naturally, we're committed to sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness. Because when Mother Earth is happy, everyone's happy. For more info, visit oregonchai.com/earth. Please recycle. Replace the black tea in our original chai latte with Rooibos, a soothing South African red tea. Add authentic chai spices, vanilla and honey and call it a dreamy, delicious, naturally Caffeine Free moment of Me Time. Why not? We did. Oregon Chai turns tea time into Me Time - and Me Time into We Time. In the mood for delicious conversation and indulgent inspiration? Let's do chai. Have your people follow our people. Facebook. Twitter. If you're curious about Oregon Chai or have something you'd like to share with us directly, we invite you to visit oregonchai.com or get in touch. Preparation and Inspiration: Who would have dreamed a rich, creamy chai latte could be this easy? For delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner an ddessert recipes you can make with Oregon Chai, visit oregonchai.com. USDA organic. Certified organic by QCS. Gluten free. Tetra Pak.