Nubian African Blk Body Wash 13 OZ [UNFI #87538] T



A gently, silky body wash, infused with African Black Soap, Aloe Vera and Oats, that cleanses, leaving dry skin feeling comforted and balanced. Lathers and diffuses a comforting and warm fragrance for a calming experience. Infused with: Aloe Vera, Oats & Vitamin E. Humble Beginnings: Born on the streets of Harlem in 1992. but based on centunes old traditions, Nubian Hentage has been guided by the legacy of ancient Nubia. the world's first melting pot. Ancient Nubia was once a center of cultural trade - a place where goods, ideas and customs from across Africa. Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean came together, influenced each other, and then spread across the ancient world. That is our inspiration. We bring together cultural wisdom and indigenous ingredients to create modern wellness solutions for skin and hair Our mission is to make cultural exchange the model for transforming the global community and personal care. Heritage: For centuries. African Black Soap has been used in Africa to cleanse and care for the skin. Historical references to Shea Butter. a staple of African pharmacology, date back to the reported Shea Butter caravans of Cleopatra's Egypt, Complementing the ingredients' properties, our package pattern symbolizes purity and commemorates the strong community identity textiles have in Africa with each community having their own unique designs. Questions? Call us at 1-866-478-1921. Certified B Corporation. Bottled made from 50% recycled plastic. Cruelty free. Ethically traded ingredients. Sustainably produced. No animal testing. Manufactured in the USA with ethically sourced ingredients from around the world.