OG2 Le Pcrn Himlyn Pink 18/.88 OZ [UNFI #40722]



USDA Organic. Vegan. Certified gluten free. gfco.org. Certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Non-GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Simple act. Clean snacks. Premium quality, minimally processed. With organic extra virgin coconut oil. 100% air popped. Compromise is one ingredient we'll never use. The best ingredients, made with care. We air pop the most tender butterfly popcorn, making it lighter and fluffier than other pre-packed popcorn. Our popcorn is tumbled with the best oils and sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt - the purest form of salt available. Simple acts, clean snacks. Life is jammed with choices, enough that we can forget that the journey of life is one that we all take together. Though our paths are very different and full of surprises, we all have so much in common. We seek adventure. We hunger for connection. We strive for balance. We want to feel our best. That is why LesserEvil makes snacks - amazingly tasty snacks made from clean, sustainable ingredients to get you where you're going. We know snack making isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things, but we like to think that by concentrating on doing the little things right day after day, we o make the world a better place. It's what we call Simple Acts. In sourcing organic, providing minimal processing, using better oils, and practicing sustainability, we make products that are better for both our consumers and the planet. We are scrappy - Danbury, Connecticut kind of scrappy. We own every step of production, including controlling quality, keeping costs lower for customers, and investing in our people as true partners. It's an East Coast Kind of Zen. When wellness guides your spirit, you are your own guru. lesserevil.com. (at)lesservilsnacks. Instagram. TikTok. Chat with the guru! Email: talk2us(at)lesserevil.com. Made with NEO plastic packaging to energy. NEO plastics can increase biogas production at municipal landfills, supporting biogas clean energy programs. Visit neoplatics.com. Please discard in the trash. Do not recycle.