OG2 Koyo Wide Udon 12/8 OZ [UNFI #32562]



USDA organic. Quality Assurance International: Certified organic. Certified organic heirloom wheat all natural. Koyo Pasta is expertly crafted in the traditional roll-and-cut manner from freshly milled, organically grown heirloom wheat. Enjoy our quick-cooking, nutritious Koyo Wide Udon like fettuccine with toppings or sauce, or in a hot soup. Koyo uses special varieties of organic heirloom grains that are handed down from generation to generation, and revered for their superior quality, purity, and taste. A portion of the export profit from this product goes to support organic agriculture in the local community. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). www.koyonaturalfoods.com. Member organic trade association. Product of China.