Knud Jce Just Pomgrnt 6/32 OZ [UNFI #89100]



100% premium pomegranate juice from concentrate. No preservatives & no artificial flavors. 160 calories per 8 fl oz. No added sugar. Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content. Non-GMO Project verified. Pasteurized for your safety. It was 1961 in Paradise, California. A place where the pursuit of craft and quality was taking root among farmers, friends and wellness-minded folks. That’s where our story begins, when a harvest of grapes from vineyards in California inspired R.W. Knudsen to begin bottling his own fruit juice. It was the first batch of many - all crafted with an unprecedented commitment to integrity and quality. Simple and powerful with wholesome goodness - these single fruit juices are made to the highest standard. The way we’ve always made them. - The Knudson Family. 888-569-6993;