OG1 Jims Colombian Coff 6/12 OZ [UNFI #28955]



Deeply rich and opulent with milk chocolate-like notes. Single origin. USDA organic. Certified B Corporation. Patience. From farm. To roast. To brew. The coffee you hold in your hand today is a product of patience. The patience of an organic coffee farmer growing the most complex, flavorful beans. Of a team taking the time to meticulously source and roast each batch to hit the exact flavor notes. And finally, the patience you show in brewing a cup of coffee best described as yours. We call it coffee with character. And we hope you love it as much as we do. Please satisfy your curiosity by visiting us on our website or on social media. We have lots of good stuff there. JimsOrganicCoffee.com. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Jim's Notes - We all love coffee. Its tantalizing aroma, how it brings a smile to our face, how it slows down our busy world. We've seen first hand the benefits of organic. From the inspiring farmers and their lush, biodiverse ecosystems to our cupping table where we select only the finest coffees. We take great pride in providing consistently amazing coffee and are truly grateful to be a small organic part of one's daily routine. Enjoy!