Ians Fish Sticks, Fam Pk 8/14 OZ [UNFI #78866]



No artificial flavors or colors. 8 g protein per serving. Gluten free. Free From Common Allergens. Including - wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, milk or casein, tree nuts. Good source of protein per serving. New look, same recipe! Trust made simple. Uncooked. At Ian's we thrive on satisfying your cravings for comfort food with tasty meals that are always free from common allergens! Our forever favorites are made with high quality ingredients you can trust for every eater at your table. Carefully crafted, seasoned to perfection, and perfectly crisp, our fish sticks are feel-good comfort food for everyday indulgence. www.iansfoods.com. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. See our entire line-up of meal solutions at www.iansfoods.com. 100% recycled paperboard. This packaged is recyclable; please recycle. MSC: Certified sustainable seafood. www.msc.org. Thank you for choosing seafood that has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability. Together we can help protect fish stocks for the future. Made in U.S.A.