I And Dog Chw Stix 12In 6/5 EA [UNFI #81652]



Ultimate dog chews. No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors ever fur real. Grain free. No corn, wheat, rice, or soy just like we like it. Dreamed up in Boulder, CO by real fun pet people. Tastier than your shoes. Chew on this. From 100% free range + grass fed cattle. Single ingredient. Safe alternative to rawhide. Chewing supports clean teeth. Meet Your New Best friends: The best love is the best food, and the best food should be available to all furry friends. We celebrate the incredible bond between human and pet. it's why we're called I and love and you. We are pet parents too - the type who bring their pets to work. We started small, in a pet food store in Boulder, Colorado, creating raw food for pets before healthy pet food was a thing. We're still independent and employee-owned, but our dream has grown into a mission: to help all pets live happier, healthier lives. Yeah, we're obsessed: just living up to our name. Fur real. Our super tasty recipe. Don't worry. We did the math for you. That Warm Fuzzy Feeling: We make healthy raw + grain free foods, yummy treat and chews. Everything a well-rounded pet needs. Minus a tummy rub. Raised without using any antibiotics or added hormones. Yep, you betcha supports dental health chewing reduces tartar buildup. Fur Real. Grain free. Holy cow! Just one ingredient! Healthy and safe alternative to rawhide. Highly digestible nothing artificial. Nothing but the best. I and Love and You" knows all about that special bond between pets and humans. We're committed to helping give pets the very best. Our products meet rigorous ingredient standards and have been approved by our holistic veterinarian. Pretty soon you're going to want to make us part of your family, too. We'll make sure our matching outfits are pressed for the family holiday picture. Say cheeese! Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% tail-wagging satisfaction guarantee. iandloveandyou.com. Facebook: facebook.com/iandloveandyoupet; Instagram: (at)iandloveandyoupet. Read more about our sustainability efforts and community partnerships by visiting us at Iandloveandyou.com. We're pros at loving pets and composting and looking cool. Call us 855-459-5683. We'd love to hear from you. Email us at questions(at)ilypet.com.