Gio 2Chic Moist Hair Msk 5 OZ [UNFI #81103]



For dry, damaged hair. Helps repair extreme damage. Revitalizes over-processed, coarse hair. Helps prevent splits & breaks. Enriched with avocado oil moisture beads. Eco chic technology. Dual moisture complex. Avocado + olive oil. Eco chic hair care. 2chic or not 2chic? 2chic is to - enrich. Satisfy your hair's deepest cravings for intense nourishment and nurturing: unmask your hair's raw allure with 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil Deep Deep Moisture Hair Mask. A delectable botanical blend of buttery Avocado and golden Olive Oil, formulated in our exclusive Dual Moisture Complex to replenish hair that feels dull, lifeless and brittle. Our rich formula improves rough texture and makes hair sensuously touchable. Avocado oil beads add an extra dose of nourishment. Will not strip or fade color. Ideal for hair that's heat-styled often, and 2chic to be denied. Avocado and Olive Oil are rich in vitamin E and omega fatty acids. We do not add parabens or lauryl or laureth sulfate to this product. 100% vegetarian ingredients/no animal testing. Cruelty-free. Please recycle. Made in USA.