Frtable Pmpkn/Ginger Can 12/15 OZ [UNFI #78838]



Calorie Content: 279 Kcal/kg (17Calories per 1/4 cup) By calculation using the modified Atwater formula (ME) Gluten free. Pet Nutrition Facts: 4.25 calories per tablespoon. 17 calories per 1/4 cup (2 fl oz). 119 calories per can. Vet developed. Vitamin, Fiber & Ginger Fortified. Natural Digestive Supplement: Supports healthy stool quality; Supports a healthy tummy; Works quickly to support a healthy GI tract; Contains natural fruit & vegetable fibers; An advanced pumpkin formula that keeps your pets digestive system healthy & happy. This Pumpkin Super Blend contains a healthy balance of natural fibers, soothing herbs (ginger) and added vitamins & nutrients to support healthy digestion. Visit us at: Recycle. Produced in USA with high quality globally sourced ingredients.