OG2 Frmrs Pstr Lrg Brwn 15/12 CT [UNFI #42433]



Grade A. 100% solar packed & processed. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by GOA. Non-GMO. No antibiotics. Acres of opportunity to be chickens! 108 sq ft / bird! CA SEFS compliant. California Shell Egg Food Safety compliant. Acres of opportunity - Hens may enjoy the land, sunshine, breezes, and fresh air! 108 sq. ft./bird. Non-GMO and organic grains to supplement the hens' feast outside. Bugs! Beneficial bugs to scratch for, chase, and eat! Exercise their wings! Strut their stuff! Scratch the good ole Earth! Gentle care by trusted Amish or Mennonite farmers - many who live with their families on the farms. Respect and humane care for the land and animals the farmers share with the animals they raise. Privacy nest for laying eggs. 100% solar powered: Farmers Hen House's processing and packaging plant is free from using fossil fuels to power our plant! We are proud to be 100% solar powered! Visit us at www.FarmersHenHouse.com and enjoy our great eggs! This carton is made from 100% natural recycled fibers. www.farmershenhouse.com.