Fpet Slct Dog Gf Ml Rstd 6/1 LB [UNFI #44297]



Chicken recipe with carrots & cranberries. No grains, gluten, soy or fillers. Fresh: Real food from the fridge. Nutritionally developed for small dogs. Natural US farm raised chicken. No meat meals or by-product meals. Complete & balanced for all life stages. At Freshpet, we believe dogs and cats deserve real, nourishing food, like the fresh food we enjoy. The magic begins in our kitchens, where every meal is freshly made. We start with simple, healthy ingredients, which we gently steam so they retain their natural goodness and provide the essential nutrients dogs and cats need to lead their happiest, most tail-wagging lives. 13.5 oz of US farm raised chicken & chicken liver. 1.7 oz of antioxidant-rich fruits, garden vegetables & eggs + essential vitamins & minerals. Please treat our recipes the way you would any fresh food. Freshpet Guarantee: We are committed to making the best food possible. If for any reason our foods do not look or smell fresh, please contact us for a replacement. freshpet.com. See the difference Freshpet has made to pets' lives and learn more about us at freshpet.com. Contact Us: Tel: 866-789-Fresh (866-789-3737). Made in the USA.