Fp Maple Pecans 6/4 OZ [UNFI #79097]



All natural roasted pecans. GMO free. Lamar pecan farm. Deep roots simple snacks. After a long day of work, we sit on the front porch and retell stories from our town - classic tales of Ocmulgee River adventures, church choir romance, sage barbers, and many others. Growing roots in a community is precious, and stories like these are the soil in which those roots thrive. The pecans in this package came from trees with roots as deep as the generations of our family that have farmed here. We nurture our orchard's hundred-year-old trees to grown the highest quality pecans anywhere. Following trusted recipes, we roast freshly picked pecans with natural ingredients for a snack rich in antioxidants, fiber, and health minerals. Honestly, we think they just might be the best pecans you've ever tasted. FrontPorchPecans.com. 100% grown & packaged in the USA. Georgia grown.