Eo French Lav Hndsp Rfl 32 OZ [UNFI #41742]



Naturally antiseptic & gentle with pure essential oils & organic herbal infusions. Two hands and some soap. Nothing special until they get all mixed up together and then the hands really become something. Clean, refreshed, relaxed and ready to become mixed with whatever is around the corner. Our Hand Soap is an evocative mix of organic herbs and therapeutic ingredients to keep your hands ready for anything and everything. Pure French Lavender Essential Oil really calms and relaxes. Our Coconut Cleansing complex creates the gentlest, most effective and richly foaming soaps available. By now you probably know we never use irritating sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. This concentrated and moisturizing formula is pH balanced to effectively cleanse without drying out your hands - ideal for the whole family. Our Organic Herbal Blend is soothing and healing. EO Hand Soap is biodegradable. Love that Lavender! Lavender is loved for being the most versatile and widely used of all the Essential Oils. It has a long history of use for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. At EO, our French Lavender is grown on small family farms in the lush fields of Provence, the region known for producing the most relaxing and restorative aroma-therapeutic essential oil - not just any lavender will do! Choose wisely! No synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils. Not tested on animals. Made in the USA.