Enlite Icrm Butter Pecan 8/1 PINT [UNFI #33028]



Butter pecan ice cream with roasted pecan pieces. 2g net carb per serving (17g carbs - 3g fiber - 8g sugar alcohol - 4g allulose = 2g net carbs per container. 50g carbs - 10g fiber -23g sugar alcohol - 12g allulose = 5g net carbs per container). Gluten free. Keto friendly. 0 g added sugar (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content). EatEnlightened.com. (at)EatEnlightened. Try our other products: ice other bars; sundae cones; cheesecakes: ready to bake cookies; dough bites; fruit bites.