OG2 Dr Bronners Pprmnt Oganic Hand Sntzr 12/2 OZ [UNFI #83990] T

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USDA Organic. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Certified vegan. vegan.org. Family soapmakers since 1858. 99.9% Effective against germs. Dr. Bronner's All-One! Magic soaps. In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we're all-one or none! All-one! The fair trade organic peppermint oil in this hand sanitizer is sourced from Pavitramenthe in India - where we’ve worked with farmers to implement regenerative practices like lowtill seeding, crop rotation, composting & cover cropping to build bio-mass, reduce erosion and to sequester atmospheric carbon! Absolute cleanliness is godliness! We are all-one! Dr. Bronner's is certified. Spray on children's sticky hands! Use on the go in public bathrooms, classrooms, buses, trains, planes! Pack for camping, festivals & public attractions. Spray in room for an enjoyable peppermint aroma! Certified under the same National Organic Program that certifies food. Certified fair trade. drbronner.com. Questions? Call 1-844-937-2551. 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle! Fair for Life: Fair trade certified by IMO. Cruelty free. No animal tested. Contains at least 95% Fair for Life Fair Trade certified ingredients, following a transitory mass-balance approach for ethyl alcohol. Made in USA with globally sourced ingredients.