Bobs Red Mill Granola Honey Oat Gf 4/12 OZ [UNFI #60502]

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100% Whole Grain: 32 g or more per serving. 100% of the grain is whole grain. Gluten free. Tested and confirmed gluten free in our quality control laboratary. An employee-owned company. To your good health - Bob Moore. A whole grain breakfast and all-day snack. Simply delicious. You can see our quality. Dear Friends, This is a granola made special by methods and practices worthy of an explanation. What makes it so special? The whole grain oats we use in this granola are gluten free. Of course, oats are a naturally gluten free grain, but unfortunately they can become contaminated with gluten without proper handling. By combining good old-fashioned attention to detail and some very sophisticated farming technology, we make sure our gluten free oats stay gluten free. For extra assurance, we test each and every batch in our quality control laboratory. Eating a bowl of whole grain granola topped with milk is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to start your day with a whole grain breakfast. But that isn't the only way to enjoy granola. Heat your bowl of granola and milk in the microwave for a scrumptious hot cereal, use it as a topping for your favorite yogurt for a light lunch, or try it on top of ice cream for a wonderful treat. You can also eat it right out of the bag! I hope you will enjoy our Gluten Free Honey Oat Granola as much as I do. Reasons to Love Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Honey Oat Granola: 32 grams whole grains per serving. Delicious hot or cold. Wholesome on-the-go snack. Tasty addition to baked goods. Still Hungry? Go to to learn more about all of our products. Resealable package.