Blue Dmnd Nut Thins Almond 12/4.25 OZ [UNFI #20535]



Rice crackers snacks with almonds. No artificial flavors. 19 crackers per serving. Certified Gluten free. No wheat or gluten. Non GMO project verified. New look same great taste! Made with real almonds. Original. Enjoy all the good of original almond. Handfuls of fantastic flavorful, crunching your can feel good about. We love our almonds so much as we baked them into crispy crackers with irresistible flavors. Dig in, dig them, pass them around. It's the ultimate snack with the one and only nutty crunch. Crunch on!! This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Questions or comments? Write Blue Diamond customer support, Po Box 1768, Sacramento, CA 95812, or call 1 (800) 986-2329. Please include code number found on top of carton with all inquiries Try all of our irresistible snack crackers! Multi-seeds. Sriracha. Pepper jack.