Better Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2421 24 OZ [UNFI #27023] T



Naturally throne-tidying. Removes stains. Clinging gel formula. No harsh fumes. Unbeatable clean. A non-toxic friendship. Plant-derived cleaning agents. From coconut, corn, and citrus (really!). Natural scent. From essential oils and plant extracts (yay!). No chlorine. No bleach. No petroleum solvents. No synthetic fragrances. No dyes. No phosphates. None. Never. Nope! Just the good stuff.Gives stains the brush-off. With every spray, pour, and pump, Better Life proves that the world's most powerful cleaners can be safe around kids and pets, and kinder to the planet. Our gel toilet bowl cleaner makes you nastiest household chore a little nicer, removing rings and banishing buildup faster than you can say. Who left the seat up? Please recycle me. I want to come back as a snow globe. Cruelty free. Made with solar energy. Made in the USA.