Be Egg Whts Liqd Cge Fre 6/16 OZ [UNFI #45559]



Each serving provides 5 grams of protein with 25 calories. American Heart Association Certified: Meets criteria for heart-healthy food. While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease. Heart-Check certification does not apply to recipes, or serving suggestions, unless expressly stated. Gluten free. Egg whites, a Fat Free food. Eating food that is a good source of protein will keep you feeling fuller longer. Egg Whites, a Cholesterol free food. Cage-free (Hens are free roaming inside a barn). Egg yourself on. Pasteurized. Bob Evans 100% liquid egg whites are heated during the pasteurization process and therefore not recommended for meringues or angel food cake. Equivalent to 14 egg whites. USDA inspected egg products. For great recipe ideas visit Please recycle.