Aura Cacia Foam Bath Kids Clear 6/2.5 OZ [UNFI #51082] T



Free of synthetic colors, fragrance & preservatives. Clearing Eucalyptus Foam Bath: Gently formulated for everyday use, Aura Cacia's clearing foam bath features eucalyptus and citrus essential oils to create a purifying bath experience for your little ones. Did You Know? Koalas are picky eaters and only eat leaves from the eucalyptus tree. Koalas sleep most of the day. If you live like a koala, everyday you'd get up for breakfast, keep eating until lunch, and then go to bed until the next morning. Our Promise: Authenticity verified. Not tested on animals. No synthetic colors or fragrances. Paraben free. Safe for spas and whirlpools. Positive Change Project: For usage tips, recipes & more on the Positive Change Project, go to