Alo Comfort Watermelon + Peach 12/16.9 OZ [UNFI #62623]

$29.42 $24.00


Made with real aloe vera pulp and juice. + Music made for the flavor. + Free music for your mind. Goodness from Inside Out: Life is full of big things, but let's not forget about the little things. Like what you ask? Like peaches, watermelon, and pure aloe vera - straight from the leaf - all blended together. Soon all these things will add up to something big, something you can take comfort in. Here's Even More Goodness: Gluten-free; Non-GMO Project verified; Aloin-free; Fat-free; No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. A new drinking experience. Aloe vera + positive ingredients + music. Scan to unlock. Alotones. 25% juice. Non GMO Project verified. Please recycle. BPA-free. USA. Made in Taiwan.