Alba Bot Emlnt Bth Shwr Gl Cnut Rscu Og 32 OZ [UNFI #48802] T



100% vegetarian ingredients. New look. Relieving moisture developed for extremely dry, irritable skin. Hypo-allergenic. For the coconut obsessed (you know who you are). If coconut is your fav crave, this rich, creamy cleanser made with virgin, unrefined coconut oil and nourishing coconut milk is your new daily indulgence. Intensely hydrating and hypo-allergenic, it gently bathes skin without stripping away vital moisture. And every lather treats you to a jolt of caffeine-fueled rejuvenation to rev up skin and maintain healthy functioning. Warning: may be habit forming. pH balanced. Questions? Call (888) 659-7730 or visit Plant based & cruelty free. No animal testing. Please recycle.